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Janice J. Beauty in his book that was entitled Skills for Preschool Teachers clarified about how carried out the class that was healthy as one of the expertise that must be owned by the educator the Child the Dini Age. Apart from maintaining the health of the environment, the healthy class was connected also by maintaining the health and the fulfilment of the requirement for the child's nutrient.

The health and the nutrient were the aspect that was very important in growing the child's flower. In the research that was carried out by Ernesto Pollitt et al (1993) stated that giving of healthy food and protein, will influence the further cognitive development. Moreover, what the child ate also took part in influencing the rhythm of the growth, the measurement of the body and endurance towards the illness (Brom et al, 2005 in Santrock, 2007).

Janice J Beaty then explained that carrying out the healthy class be connected with how made progam pembelajaran that covered the sport activity, the exercise, washed the hands of the introduction to the healthy nutrient and the check-up. Moreover the matter that did not lose the importance of being to understand various signs of the illness that often was experienced by the child.

According to santrock (2007: 157) generally the problem of the health that often was experienced by children was malnutrition, the pattern ate, not all that sport and insulting. Like that was stated in the Pollitt research et al, that the nutrient really influenced the cognitive development of the child. The pattern ate very connected was tight to this. The brightness of fast food saji with various variations that were very interesting for the child like hot dog, the pizza, the hamburger etc., became the special hindrance that made the fulfilment of the requirement for the healthy nutrient more difficult. Needed creativity that was high for the teacher and parents to pack healthy food that was interesting for the child was proper for fast food saji.

Apart from healthy food, sport was the aspect that really influenced the mental and physical health the child: Exercise Is linked with many aspects of being physically and mentally healthy in children and adult (Buck et al, 2007 in Santrock, 2007)

When processing the body, the child menggerakan his body muscles that were stimulasion for the development motorik especially motorik rough. Sport that was exact as development stimulasion motorik this was that in accordance with the age and the development of the child. When playing sport then the child studied bersosialisasi with the friend sebaya him. If this sport took the form of the game then the child will study the values social like sportsmanship, the victory, the defeat and the appreciation. Because of that the sport activity must be packed with several aims of giving of stimulasion of various aspects of the development of the child.

Despite the healthy child tended active, but their body immunity was not yet stable. Various illnesses could threaten their health among them the allergy, asthma and the ears infection. National Centre of Health Statistics during 2004, stated the cause of the death of the child was biggest was the accident, that was second was cancer especially blood cancer (leukemia). The strategy to avoid was by using the seatbelt, the helmet and the other safety device. Whereas cancer could be prevented with giving HEED.

ASI giving very important in the period one to six first month. One of the profits from giving HEED was the formation of body immunity. The ASI benefit was based on several health experts in the United States was (Eiger & Olds, 1999; Hanson & Korotkova, 2002; Kramer, 2003):

1. Made the baby's ideal weight, as well as was avoided from obesity.
2. Prevented the allergy
3. Prevented or reduced the sign of diarrhoea and the respiratory infection
4. Strengthened bones
5. Prevented cancer in the baby and breasts cancer to the mother that suckled
6. Reduced the SIDS risk (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Apart from various illnesses that be connected with physical, the child's deviation that be connected with bounced then influenced the health of the child. This illness among them hyper-active and insulting. As the educator PAUD, was needed by the sensitivity to see various signs from this deviation. To overcome this matter, the teacher must consult with parents and psychology intensively so as knew how necessarily the treatment to the child who had this deviation.

The teacher indeed became one of the sides that bertangggung answered in maintaining the health of the child, but that was most responsible was parents. Because of the child learn from keteladanan and kebiasaaan, parents's lifestyle really influenced. Parents that smoked very dangerous the health of the child. In a research in the United States 22 percent of the child that the person of his host smoked contracted asthma and breathing (Murray et al, 2004 in Santrock, 2007). Moreover, the cigarette smoke also caused the lack child of vitamin C (Staruss, 2001 in Santrock, 2007).

Apart from parents's lifestyle, the pattern take care of that was applied then influenced the health of the child. The pattern take care of that was not better was indicated by not more maximal him giving HEED, not better him the pattern koinsumsi the family's food and the pattern of the maintenance of the health of the foundation especially for the early age child.