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Stedman's Medical Dictionary

Since 1911, Stedman's Medical Dictionary has been the medical profession's most trusted source for medical definitions. A complete medical terms dictionary, Steadman's Electronic Medical Dictionary (version 6.0) contains over 107,000 medical terms taken directly from Stedman's Medical Dictionary, 28th Edition.

The Stedmans medical terminology dictionary at contains medical terms, medical definitions, and some pronunciations. Stedmans provides the most comprehensive medical dictionary online, in an easy-to-use, flexible format. For future reference, bookmark important definition pages in your browser favorites.

acetal → active hyperemia
active immunity → adrenoprival
adrenoreactive → alcohol dehydrogenase (acceptor)
alcohol dehydrogenase (NADP+) → alveolar soft part sarcoma
alveolar supporting bone → amyloplast
amylopsin → angor
angor animi → anterior lingual gland
anterior lip of external os of uterus → antistreptococcic
antistreptokinase → appendix vesiculosa
apperception → arteria colica dextra
arteria colica media → articular labrum
articular lamella → ateliotic dwarfism
atelopidtoxin → autologous
autologous graft → azygous

B → basal metabolic rate
basal metabolism → benzothiadiazides
benzoyl → bioplasmic
biopolymer → blue sclera
blue spot → bradykininogen
bradylalia → bucca
buccal → Byzantine arch palate

C → Candida glabrata
Candida krusei → cardiometry
cardiomotility → cause
caustic → central deafness
central dogma → chalcosis lentis
chalice cell → cholecystagogue
cholecystatony → chronic interstitial salpingitis
chronic lymphadenoid thyroiditis → Claviceps purpurea
clavicle → Cogan
Cogan dystrophy → commotio cerebri
commotio retinae → conic cornea
conic papillae → corneal endothelial polymorphism
corneal facet → Courvoisier
Courvoisier gallbladder → croup
croup-associated virus → cyanemia
cyanide → Czerny-Lembert suture