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The cirrhosis of the liver is often associated with alcoholism but also occurs in people who never drink. Repeated exposure of cirrhosis chronic alcoholics May due to liver damage by alcohol. The precise cause is unknown, but the link between alcohol and cirrhosis is well documented. Other causes are poor nutrition, especifically vitamin B deficiencies genetic obstruction longstanding cholagogue that drain bile, long periods of exposure to drugs and other toxic chemicals, such as tetrachloride carbon. Cirrhosis is more common among men aged 40 and 60.

Buvant without moderation, in most cases, liver damage case, but may not necessarily cause cirrhosis. Cirrhosis of liver is developing very slow and gradual. Very often, it is well advanced before symptoms are obvious enoufh cause for alarm.

There are two general types of cirrhosis of the liver. The most common type is known as portal cirrhosis, in which there is obstruction to the portal vein, resulting in hydropisie of the abdomen. It produces an average age of individuals. The liver is generally declined and its surface is rough May. In the second type, known as biliary cirrhosis, which occurs among young people, there was a previous tissue inflammation of the liver, small cholagogues are blocked by stones and liver was enlarged and smooth.

Good nutrition plays an important role in the treatment of cirrhosis of the liver. East below guidance for cirrhosis 'plan of care s:

1. The plan food cirrhosis should be adapted and changed, and should not include meat, seafood, tea, coffee and spices. A diet high calorie consumption plan requieres healthy cirrhosis, rich in protein and carbohydrates, a good number of fruits, vegetables, cereals, milk and spices May promote the regeneration of cells in the piece intact liver. Check with your doctor a better plan cirrhosis nutrition too much or too little protein in your plan May regime slow the regeneration of cells or unfavourable results.

2. _RRegulate fluid, but keep the bowels active. Help May of Epsom salts in this regard.

3. The rest in bed is recommended months of age.

4. If the fluid accumulates in the abdominal cavity, contact your doctor to remove it.

5. If the cause of cirrhosis is your alcohol, you should stop drinking immediately. If you do not stop drinking, you have the chance less than 40% live more than five years. But if you stop drinking, you increase your chances almost 70%.

Diagnosis. A physical examination with the patient 's history may be sufficient to diagnose a case of cirrhosis. After the diagnosis is made, Dr. May for a few tests. The results of chemical tests for liver cirrhosis indicate the presence of liver damage, the presence of an increase of bile pigments blood. The diagnosis is the most definitive by liver biopsy or tissue sample. In this procedure, a needle is inserted into the liver and a small piece of liver is prepared to be examined under a microscope.