What Does Cholesterol Do?

Posted by ATMAJA'Z

Cholesterol is a fatty molecule manufactured by the liver. While the liver only manufactures most of the cholesterol we need (roughly 80% of it), we still obtain some of the cholesterol through our diets. Currently, it is recommended that up to 300 mg of cholesterol should be obtained from the food you eat. However, keep in mind that just a little of this helps our bodies function properly. Too much cholesterol, usually brought on by eating foods high in cholesterol and fat, can cause a lot of problems, including different types of heart disease.

Contrary to the bad reputation cholesterol has received in the media lately, we DO need it. Without cholesterol, we would not have hormones such as estrogen or testosterone in our bodies. Cholesterol gives our cells the strength they need to maintain their shape. Cholesterol is also used in the body to provide the myelin lining to our nerve fibers. This helps our nerves to relay signals more rapidly and efficiently.

copy from : cholesterol.about.com