Cervical Cancer Basics

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Do you know the basics of cervical cancer? From the causes, symptoms, and treatment to HPV, learn more about cervical cancer and why every woman need to be aware.

What Is Cervical Cancer
What is cervical cancer? Explore the basics of cervical cancer, including the causes, symptoms, prevention, and treatment of the disease.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor After Being Diagnosed with Cervical Cancer
After being diagnosed with cervical cancer, tons of questions run through a woman's mind. There are eight essential questions a woman should ask her doctor when being diagnosed. Write them down, take them to your appointment, and be sure you leave your doctor's office with a full understanding of the answers your doctor gives you.
Diagnosing Cervical Cancer
Cervical cancer is diagnosed through various medical tests. Learn how cervical cancer is diagnosed and how it is staged.
January is National Cervical Health Awareness Month
January has been designated as National Cervical Health Awareness Month. Learn more about cervical health, and what you can do to keep your cervix healthy.
Cervical Cancer Survival Rates
A look into cervical cancer 5 year survival rates, organized by stage of cervical cancer.
What is a Cervix?
What is a cervix and why do women need one? Learn more about the cervix and it's function in women.
Cervical Dysplasia
Learn more about cervical dysplasia, a condition the can lead to cervical cancer if not treated.
What is Cancer?
Learning how cancer develops and spreads provides a greater understanding to the nature of your disease.
Cervical Cancer - What is Cervical Cancer?
A look into what cervical cancer is and just how seriously it can affect women.
Cervical Cancer Symptoms
Although cervical cancer is a relatively silent disease, there are a few signs and symptoms to watch out for. Symptoms of cervical cancer do not usually appear until the disease has advanced.
Cervical Cancer Risk Factors - Causes and Risk for Cervical Cancer
The risk factors for cervical cancer are explained and explored. Cervical cancer is one of the more detectable cancers that affect women. There are many cervical cancer risk factors and recognizing them helps to prevent the disease.
Preventing Cervical Cancer - How to Reduce Your Cervical Cancer Risk
Learn how to prevent cervical cancer. These easy lifestyle changes can greatly reduce your risk factor for developing cervical cancer.
Cervical Cancer Stages
Stages of cervical cancer are explored and explained. Stages of cervical cancer can greatly affect prognosis and treatment.
Cervical Cancer Treatment Overview
Learn how cervical cancer is treated. There are several treatment options available for cerival cancer from hysterectomy to chemotherapy, depending on the stage.
8 Cervical Cancer Myths
Look into eight of the most common cervical cancer myths. Separate cervical cancer facts from fiction.
Total Hysterectomy
This FAQ addresses what a total hysterectomy is. A total hysterectomy is done as treatment for many gynecological cancers.
Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP)
Learn more about the Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP), procedure done to treat cervical dysplasia or to diagnose cervical cancer. A LEEP is a common procedure.
Learn more about cryosurgery, a method of "freezing" abmonal cervical cells in order to treat cervical dysplasia.
Radical Hysterectomy
Explore what a radical hysterectomy is and why is it performed in this FAQ about the radical hysterectomy.
Cone Biopsy - What is a Cone Biopsy?
A cone biopsy is common medical procedure in matters of cervical health. Learn what a cone biopsy is and why it is used to prevent cervical cancer.
Radiation Therapy Overview
A look into radiation therapy, a method used to treat cancer. Learn what it is, how it works, the costs associated with the therapy, and how it is given.
Chemotherapy Basics
Chemotherapy is a form of treatment for many forms of cancers. It produces few, yet emotionally devastating side effects. Learn answers to questions concerning hair loss, nausea, and skin problems caused by chemotherapy and how to combat them.
Cervical Cancer Treatment Overview
Learn how cervical cancer is treated. There are several treatment options available for cerival cancer from hysterectomy to chemotherapy, depending on the stage.
What To Do When You Have Cervical Cancer Symptoms
Tips on what to do if you experience any of the symptoms of cervical cancer.
HPV: What Is Is HPV and How Do You Get It?
HPV is a known cause for cervical cancer and is now believed to cause other women's cancers like vulvar and vaginal. Learn what HPV is, how a person gets HPV, symptoms, and prevention of HPV.