Treating Menopause Naturally

Posted by ATMAJA'Z

By Dr. R.J. Peters

The hormones used in HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) aren't even the right ones. A very common drug, PremPro, is a combination of Premarin (horse estrogen) and Provera (completely artificial progesterone). However, studies done in Britain, and reported in the medical journal, The Lancet, August 9, 2003, showed that women using HRT had a 66% higher risk of developing breast cancer than women who did not use HRT.

A similar study, done earlier in the U.S., was reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association, on July 17, 2002, with the same findings, forcing the study to end earlier than planned.

Why treat one of life's natural processes with artificial substances? The medical community, after realizing the dangers, changed gears just a bit and began treating the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause with a different approach: tranquilizers and mood elevators... Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac... like the whole thing was just "in her head."

However, distraught women still demand relief, and doctors feel pressed to continue using dangerous drugs, as if symptoms are the result of a drug deficiency. We can take vitamins to cure problems that arise from a vitamin deficiency, but no amount of fake estrogen is going to "cure" menopause. In fact, the dangers are real, and the risks have been documented.

A far better approach is the natural one. Normalizing the body leads to a normal (and often faster) progression of this important time in a woman's life, and stands a better chance of resulting in a healthy and active period during the "golden years," where older and middle aged women don't have to feel old, tired or sick. And they don't have to risk dying earlier from breast cancer, heart disease or stroke.

A more normal and natural approach includes proper diet, exercise, and the use of certain supplements - including many herbs - which can be helpful in achieving a balanced body. Balance is the key.

Dr. R.J. Peters has an extensive background in health care and, though retired, still tries to spread the word about natural health care. Visit for