Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine

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 Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine

`Review from previous edition Reviews from the printed edition: Overall, I think the authors have done a tremendous job, and it certainly will make life on the wards a bit easier for clinicians. The book reads very well, and manages to include an admirable amount of detail, whilst remaining comprehensible. Well done!' Shreelatta Datta, Pre-registration House Officer
`It's pretty impressive. There has been quite a lot of re-writing and touching up. The style remains excellent, very clear and to the point, and comparing it to the current edition, I think the second edition is much more so. In all, I think the manuscript is excellent, and faultless. The authors have worked hard on an already good text to update it, and make it very saleable, and appealing to readers. Well done. I look forward to seeing it in print.' James Dawson, House Officer
`This pocket-sized book contains an absolute wealth of information on acute medical problems and is very comprehensive in the breadth of its coverage.' Hospital Doctor, February 2005
`The Oxford Handbook series have done it again, another great book to add to this ever growing collection . . . I would have thought juniormedical staff would benefit most from this book but GPs and their registrars would also appreciate some of the wisdom. Even more seniormedical staff would also want to own a copy and best of all is the price. This book truly represents superb value for money and even if this book gets a bit dog eared after a few months use, or worse gets lost or pinched (surely not), it will not break the bank to get another one . . . Certainly this book ranks up there with a BNF, a stethoscope, and a bleep that juniormedical staff need to go about their daily duties. As for other practitioners both hospital and non hospital based, this is also a very useful book to keep them up to date with what goes on in acute medicine.' Dr Harry Brown on the Univadis website