Lecture Notes: Clinical Medicine ebook

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"This book is excellent, no nonsense, to the point, what you need to know is this. If only all books were as easy to learn from."
Sphincter, Liverpool Medical School Gazette
"The Lecture Notes series gets better and better and this is no exception [...] It is a joy to use and I would use it in preference to other 'baby' final year revision texts on the market [...] There is a small and illuminating chapter on the eye, and how to successfully focus an opthalmoscope. Surely, that in itself is worth the cover price."
GKT Gazette, December 2004
"The logical, well laid-out approach taken by this book really does facilitate learning. Thoroughly recommended."
University of Wales College of Medicine Student Gazette
"It is a useful refresher of information that is, or perhaps should be, deep down there somewhere.The book is positively crammed with information."
2nd Opinion
"It will be a good base for revision for any organized dudes out there, but it will also be a good oh-my-god-the-exams-is-in-half-an-hour last minute revision textbook. So yeah, I totally recommend it, but only for 3rd/4th years."
2nd Year Medical Student, Liverpool Medical School
Sphincter, December 2003
"...this book tackles the vast subject that is clinical medicine in a matter of fact, easy to learn way. It does exactly what it says on the tin: a no-nonsense overview of clinical medicine, perfect in the run up to finals."
Oxford Medical School Gazette, vol. 54 (1)
"This book more than lives up to the other popular books in the same 'lecture notes' series with its clear, concise, no-nonsense format [...] ideal for revision."
North Wing, Sheffield Medics Magazine, Winter 2004