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Mammographiebefundung nach BI-RADS. Illustrierte Anleitung zur einheitlichen Befunderstellung von Mammographie, Mammasonographie, MR Mammographie (9783131369727): unknown: Books

The richly illustrated BI-RADS® Atlas provides guidance on BI-RADS through the use of illustrated cases, sample reports, statistical definitions, and explanations for performing the mammography audit. This comprehensive guide provides standardized breast imaging terminology; a report organization; assessment structure; and a classification system for mammography, ultrasound, and MR of the breast. The BI-RADS Atlas includes the fourth edition of the mammography lexicon and audit system.
The BI-RADS® Atlas is designed to serve as a comprehensive guide providing standarized breast imaging terminology, a report organization, assessment structure and a classification system for mammography, ultrasound and MRI of the breast. The report organization assists radiologists in providing a succinct review of mammographic, ultrasound and MRI findings. Results are then communicated to the referring physician in a clear fashion with a final assessment that indicates a specific course of action. Results are compiled in a standardized manner that permits the maintenance and collection analysis of demographic, mammographic and outcome data. Through a medical audit and outcome monitoring, the system provides important peer review and quality assurance data to improve the quality of patient care. The BI-RADS® Atlas also includes the 2003 revisions to the assessment categories, to lexicon terminology, and statistical definitions for the performance of amammography audit.