Healthy Ways of Anti Aging

Posted by ATMAJA'Z

Now a days it is very important to stay fit and young for a longer time. There are several natural anti aging procedures to stay young for a longer time. One may say that it is possible only by cosmetic surgery. These are very simple yet very effective. Let us list the most important ones.

Milk and milk products may help you restore the collagen levels in the skin at faster rate. In general our body requires 500 -600 mg of calcium every day which is fulfilled by this intake.

Posture is of great importance in life. Our body is hurt by every bad postures, sedentary jobs and unhealthy diet. Thus one of the anti aging secrets is to detox every week. For detoxication, engulf detoxication capsules and drinks. This helps to shed off the toxins and promotes cell regeneration.

There are certain diet regimes to be followed: 1. Reduce fat intake 2. Reduce alcohol intake 3. Reduce sugar intake 4. Reduce starches (pasta, breads, rice)

Avoid caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs. These types of drugs will age you quickly. A high intake of caffeine, alcohol and nicotine inhibits the absorption of of calcium into bone and speeds up the process of bone loss. Smoking generally triggers the early menopause and may even lead to cancer of lungs, blood, skin and colon. Any intoxification can make you feel older than your age as they kill the collagen content of the skin cells.

Anti-aging supplements like Resveratrol Ultra are very helpful to slow down the ageing process of the skin. Along with this you can apply products like Dermapril which would help you have a glowing skin without any laugh marks or wrinkles.