Medical Billing Assistant

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Medical Billing Assistant A doctor's attention should be on patients, not money matters. Is your practice overwhelmed with insurance Medical Billing Assistant
forms, collection issues and insurance contract reviews? Do you and your staff spend more time with medical Billing Assistant
paperwork than patients? How would you like to have your patients’ bills paid on time, hassle free and
without you or your staff having to lift a finger? Sound like a dream? It’s not, and we can make it a
Medical Billing Assistant, is in business for the sole purpose of taking insurance claim
nightmares and patient billing headaches out of your office, leaving you and your office staff free to do
what you do best, practice medicine. We will pry your money out of the insurance companies and put it into
your hands. We know how to get claims paid quickly and know what to do if a problem arises. Medical
Billing Assistant is a medical claim billing company dedicated to helping medical practices become more
efficient by lowering overhead and cost by giving doctors an opportunity to outsource all or some of their
medical billing and coding, insurance billing or patient billing to an expert reimbursement service with
quality services, experience and training. We are a one-stop-shopping for any and all medical practice
administrative functions.

Medical Billing Assistant is a full medical insurance billing service that discreetly handles all medical
billing and coding matters with our electronic medical billing specialist and state of the art electronic
medical billing software, enabling you to care for your most valuable assets...your patients. Our
experience keeps your billing on track and under control. Medical Billing Assistant is dedicated to
helping you make the right choices for your business. Despite the fact that the healthcare industry is
alive and well in America, most doctors and other healthcare providers have no idea how to get paid
quickly and efficiently, if at all, by either insurers or patients who are also waiting for that check to
arrive in the mail. Private and government administered insurance companies, HMOs, PPOs and a host of
other mysteriously initialed plans have conspired to make physician reimbursements as elusive as the pot
of gold at the end of the rainbow. Doctors, once the lords of the healthcare world, are fast becoming the
underdogs looking for people to fill their electronic medical billing jobs or sending their employees to
medical billing school.