Traits and Qualities of a Health Worker

Posted by ATMAJA'Z

# Efficient

  * plans with the people, organizes, conducts, directs health education activities according to the needs of the community
  * knowledgeable about everything relevant to his practice; has the necessary skills expected of him

# Good listener

  * hears what’s being said and what’s behind the words
  * always available for the participant to voice out their sentiments and needs

# Keen observer

  * keep an eye on the proceedings, process and participants’ behavior

# Systematic

  * knows how to put in sequence or logical order the parts of the session

# Creative/Resourceful

  * uses available resources

# Analytical/Critical thinker

  * decides on what has been analyzed

# Tactful

  * brings about issues in smooth subtle manner
  * does not embarrass but gives constructive criticisms

# Knowledgeable 

  * able to impart relevant, updated and sufficient input

# Open

  * invites ideas, suggestions, criticisms
  * involves people in decision making
  * accepts need for joint planning and decision relative to health care in a particular situation; not resistant to change

# Sense of humor

  * knows how to place a touch of humor to keep audience alive

# Change agent

  * involves participants actively in assuming the responsibility for his own learning

# Coordinator

  * brings into consonance of harmony the community’s health care activities

# Objective

  * unbiased and fair in decision making

# Flexible

  * able to cope with different situations